High-End Decorating Service in North West Premium Quality Painting & Decorating Service
High-End Decorating Service in North WestPremium Quality Painting & Decorating Service

We maintain high standards, while meeting your individual wishes at all times and providing competent support for the planning and realisation of your project. We always find the appropriate solution for both private and business customers.



We offer expert interior & exterior house painting, providing high-quality services in aspects such as woodwork, ceilings, interior & exterior walls, floors and covings. 

We can advise on and supply a full range of paints. As well as standard choices like gloss/emulsion.


Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply looking for the confidence to try something new, ASYMMETRY Decorating Service is expertly qualified to assist you set just the right mood in your home. 


We’re experienced in different types of wallpaper hanging, ranging from contemporary vinyl to patterned wallpapers.

We follow wallpaper trends, we know what is fashionable now, where to buy interesting wallpapers.


Decorating can include removing any cracks and sealing surfaces once old wallpaper has been removed. Installing lighting, new doors, fitting skirting boards and building alcoves are also part of the service etc.


Wall panelling is a fantastic way to add character, style and texture to te walls of any room, they also adds extra durability to walls in high-traffic areas such as staircases and hallways.
We can design a pattern of wall panels for you, matching the decor of your home and paint it in any color you want. Maybe you want to combine panels with an extraordinary wallpaper? The possibilities are endless...and we can help you choose the best option!


We are multi-skilled, we can do all handyman jobs for you and we can advise in any project.
Whether it be putting up a picture, tiling a bathroom or kitchen, renovation old furniture.
Ask for a free, no-obligation quote ​

Contact us today on 07450 583 785 or info@friendlypainter.co.uk for a free, no obligation quote.

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